When I came into Uni, the only thing I wanted to do was to study as hard as I could and make the best grades possible. I promised myself not to return home without a first class degree.

Luckily for me (with hard work and determination inclusive), I made the good grades.
There wasn’t much going on in my life though – it was school, church and home.

But then, I found some other people doing better despite being committed to quite a lot (like Chisom, my good friend turned sister).

That was the spark I needed. I envied that. More importantly, I wanted that.
I would ask myself questions like, “how do they do it? How do they manage to juggle everything together?”

It dawn on me that I didn’t want the one-sided life anymore. I wanted to explore, to find myself, to do crazy things and of course have healthy fun.

Although I came to this realization very late (because I’m now in my final year in school), it’s still never too late to start anything.

So I promised myself to make the last seasons of my school life very memorable.

I started freelance writing for websites, I opened a fiverr account (even though I’m yet to make 0 dollars from it), I started to design graphics on Canva and learnt a bit of videography and mobile photography on YouTube and even lots more…

…and finally, I opened this blog.

You’re welcome to my world.

This blog is simply me..
This blog is simply me stepping out of my comfort zone.

This blog is another way of telling myself and others that there’s more to life than the grades.

This blog is my personal space on the internet where I get to share what I’ve learnt, what I’m learning and what I’m in the process of learning with you. I’ll be sharing a lot about healthy living, productivity/study tips, lifestyle inspiration, motivation hacks, personal development, habits, routines and generally, lifestyle design.
I created this blog to help myself as well as others simplify life.

I don’t give rules, I give the ingredients and leave you with the creative freedom to tweak it into an amazing life that you’ll love.
It’s your life and you deserve to write your own story.

My goal is to grow and at the same time, grow with you.
I have discovered overtime that what I don’t share is lost forever and as a result, I will be sharing with you as much as I can and I hope you’ll share them as well with the world around you.

I want my blog to be a place where you can visit to unwind after a stressful day and at the same time gain the inspiration to face life again.

I hope you will enjoy this blog as much as I do and find a place for it in your heart.


I am a girl trying to live her best life on a budget • a lifestyle enthusiast • a content creator • freelancer • blogger • …and I love to take pictures of everything around me (from my food, to buildings, to environment,etc) but I find it hard to take my own selfies.

If probably you catch me on the road, you’ll find me with a pair of glasses, long black braids, a waterbottle and my cell phone.

I guess this is where I say, I’m Elizabeth but a lot of my friends call me Oreoluwa (meaning an offering or a gift to God). I never liked my name ‘Ore’ until recently and that is why I use Elizabeth a lot.

I am a student at a big University and although I wanted to study MBBS, I am currently studying Chemistry. I am in my final year as well and I can classify myself as a ‘fairly’ good student although people think I am too bookish.

I am really not good at keeping my interest in anything for long but I can say, I love photography, videography, cinematography, media and content creation to the same extent I love sleeping.
Lols, I sleep a lot. I usually tell my friends that I need like 10-12 hours of sleep for an ideal body function but they don’t always believe me. They are always like, “how then do you get to study and do well in school?” and sincerely, I can’t explain.
I guess I’m the sleepy girl with a busy life.

A lot of my mates think I might end up a professor in Chemistry but in my mind of mind, I know I might end up owing a YouTube channel, or just working from home as a freelance creator or even traveling the world.

Thank you for reading 🧡


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