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MOTIVATION | Do not be intimidated; be inspired.

There are days I have to force myself to get out of bed, to study, to write, to eat or to do anything at all.


…there are days I jump out of bed and I’m pumped and excited to tick off every task on my to-do list.

I’m sure you can relate.

I agree that self-discipline is super-important and you should be able to do what you should do when you have to do it whether or not you feel like it but I also believe to a great extent that inspiration and motivation is germane to life and productivity.
It is what keeps me (you and everyone else) going.

Today, I’ll be sharing the intentional steps I take to stay inspired. Trust me, there are days of discouragement and there are times I want to throw in the towel and just go to bed but these little conscious intentional steps have been the difference.

Here we go;
• read and listen;
• watch inspiring YouTube videos or movies;
• use social media productively;
• listen to good music;
• connect with others.

I believe the mind needs to be fed with good content, just like the body needs to be fed with good food.

Recently, I came across anybooks – an app that allows me access to literally any book. What’s more? I can read the book offline anywhere, any time. I have been able to read good books on copywriting and blogging through the app.

I also love to read quality blog content online and my go-to blog is with a theme on career, motherhood, relationships and generally lifestyle.

You will also find me reading interviews of successful people in my field or any field at all.
I don’t know about you but these things inspire me.

On days I am short of time to read,  I Iisten to podcasts with inspirational content and my best podcast ever is the lavendaire lifestyle podcast where she covers everything from personal development, healthy living to lifestyle design. There is always something new to learn and she does interviews for successful creatives and entrepreneurs too.

What I have discovered is that the more I read good books and listen to the right content, I am never out of inspiration. There’s always a lot to learn, to unlearn and to relearn.

I don’t know about you but for me, I pick inspiration from every where and literally everything.

You will probably find me watching movies during hot exam seasons.
But when I watch movies, I am always after the characters with determination, grit and resilience.
I am always after the cinematography, transition effects and character development. The good script, story line and delivery of the actors are a big motivation.

Plus, I love college based or highschool movies because I see the school environment and I see students going to the library and doing serious stuff and that kind of motivates or inspires me.

I watched ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ during the exam season and while it was a wonderful romance movie, it was the female lead’s determination to stand up to the male lead’s mother that spoke to me. Also the fact that the female lead was a professor at such a young age was really surreal for me. I was also amazed at the beautiful views and cinematography of the movie.
It’s crazy and you might not believe me but that singular movie inspired me so much.

I love to watch Asian movies because I really enjoy their eating culture and cuisines. This inspires me to eat healthy food.

I also like to watch YouTube videos with inspiring themes. My favorites are Pick Up Limes , Lavendaire , the Whole Happy Life, Ruby Granger and Maya Lee. There are tons of others but when I think of YouTube, these channels come to mind. I don’t know but when I watch their videos, I am always always inspired, motivated, pumped and educated.
YouTube has changed my life beyond ways I can explain.
You should check out the channels I mentioned and see for yourself because seeing is believing (just click on the words in orange).

I spend a good lot of time on social media and I know how distracting it can be. So, in a bid to minimize the distractions from social media, I try to follow the right people, that is, people that inspire me.

The social media accounts I run are Instagram, Pinterest and WhatsApp. I don’t know how Facebook operates and twitter is a heck of a clutter for me so I steer clear.

Because I’m a lifestyle blogger, I follow fellow lifestyle bloggers and creatives. I see the way they take their pictures and how they curate their content and this inspires me. I would dedicate another article to talk about the Instagram accounts that inspire me but for now, I can say I’ve met amazing souls through social media. I got my first job as a freelance writer through an Instagram DM.

And guys, have you heard of Pinterest? That app is a jungle or forest of inspiration and ideas! You can search for anything crazy and you will find amazing search results. You will find tons of other people doing amazing jobs there. You can even share your creative works and ideas there. You want to learn how to style your box braids, how to prep a particular kind of food? Well, Pinterest has the answers. I recommend this app to every creative person out there. You can never go out of inspiration with Pinterest. At least, I never did!

Social media is full of inspiration and instead of allowing comparison, competition and unnecessary pressure to creep in, you can either choose to be inspired or you can choose to be intimidated.
For me, I choose to be inspired and that makes the difference.

Music is really important to me. I got addicted at a point that I had to always listen to music no matter what I was doing.

Inspiration can come from the right kind of music. I must confess, 60% of the time, I’m after the beat, sound and symphony of a song more than its lyrics and that’s why you might find me listening to Asian music especially BTS with lyrics I don’t even understand.

On my cell phone, I have a special playlist called “motivation”.
Sabrina Carpenter’s ‘stand out’, Sofia Carson’s ‘why don’t I’, Andy Grammar’s ‘Don’t give up on me’ and lots more are positive upbeat songs that I vibe to. The lyrics and beat of the songs are uplifting and motivational. You should give it a listen when you can.

I am not the best when it comes to networking and making new friends but I’m always after events, programs, seminars and workshops where I get to learn, and network with other like minded people.

All these things inspire me and keep me going. I get to meet inspiring and amazing people, hear their success story, join a team of never-giving-up souls and that for me is inspirational.

I have learnt that no man is an island of knowledge, I have learnt that I must never do life alone and that team work makes the dream work.

That is the benefit of connecting with others. You make life lasting friendship that can change the course of your life for good. We all need friends we can talk to when the going gets tough and we want to give up, friends that will keep pushing us till we reach our goals, friends that will never give up on us and give us the right feedback on how we can improve and become better, friends that are inspirational and motivational.
Much more important, we need to be that kind of friend.

I like to end each of my write ups with this subtitle because I don’t really see the benefit of reading a 6 minute article without learning something new.

Much more than learning something new is applying it because we all learn by doing.

I feel I spent the most part of this article talking about me and me and me but I guess that’s what this article is about – to show you in words how I stay inspired in a bid that you will be inspired to stay inspired too.

This is where I tell you to take action and pick the tips that work and discard the rest. This is where I tell you to take intentional steps at staying inspired as a student or a creative.

This is also where I ask you guys to fill me in on how you stay inspired. I always want to learn from you as much as you learn from me.

Thank you so much for reading 🧡
See you in the comments!

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