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MOTIVATION | Life is getting up a little earlier to live a little longer.

Many years ago, I woke up around 7am for my 8am classes. I skipped breakfast because hello! there was no time. I had just an hour to prepare for a class I must not be 1 minute late to. Worse, I wore anything I found closeby because there was no time to ransack the wardrobe for a dress.

So what changed?
Why do I now wake up by 5am?

I must confess, this decision came about the time I felt the need to change my life around and become more intentional. I watched quite a lot of ‘morning routine videos’ on YouTube and I felt pumped to introduce that kind of organization into my own life. Plus,I wanted more time to dress well, fix breakfast and do the things I love.

So, here’s what my real real morning routine looks like:

• 5A.M. – 6A.M.
• • •
So the alarm goes off at exactly 5am and I switch it off or dismiss it.
I like to give myself 5 minutes to wake myself up to the reality that it’s 5am and I must get up from bed (whether I like it or not) and at the same time I like to say a short prayer.

By this time, 80% of the people in my hall/hostel residence are still asleep and only few (especially the Muslims because of their 5am prayer sessions) are awake. I don’t just know but I usually feel good being among the few persons to be awake at 5am. You know, that feeling that I’m the only one awake in my room or that I’m the only one awake on my floor makes me feel like a boss lady who knows her onions. Lol! I’m this weird.

Once I get up from bed, I like to lay my bed. It usually gives me this sense of accomplishment.

If I told you I drink water every morning I wake, that would be false.
Although, every night before I sleep, I like to leave a bottle of water on the table or by my bed side, I don’t always drink it once I wake. It’s either I forget or I don’t just feel like it. So you can conclude that ‘drinking water first thing when I wake’ is one healthy habit I am trying hard to hone.

I usually sleep with the lights off but I can’t switch it on because my room mates are probably sleeping, so I use a flash light to navigate my way.

So then, I leave the room to bathe, brush and do the necessary things. It usually takes me an average of 20 minutes to do all that.

After wards, I come back to my room to dress up, pick out the outfit for the day and probably iron and put things back in their place…

I don’t immediately put on the outfit because I still have to go to the kitchen to fix breakfast.

You might notice I didn’t mention having my quiet time or morning devotion immediately I wake and that’s because I tend to doze off while doing so and as a result, waste much time.
I like to have my devotions when I’m fully fully alert and awake.

6A.M. – 7:30A.M.
• • •
Around this time, I’m preparing to cook breakfast. I like to keep my breakfast short and less time consuming so I usually go for an oat meal, cereals, spaghetti or bread and tea…
Also, my room mates are waking up at this time and the light of the room is switched on already.

While breakfast is cooking, I am either fetching water back into the room or washing the dishes or even sweeping/cleaning my room.

About 6:15am- 6:20am, breakfast is ready and so I eat. I like to read something (especially my articles or blog posts) as I eat or watch something (mostly YouTube videos)…

After wards, I like to make a short to-do list or plan for the day. I look through my time-table to see the classes I’m having for the day.

Then once I’m ready, I pack my bag and load it with my notebooks and other essential things.
I put on the outfit of the day(OOTD) and go back to my desk to either revise my notebooks or do some creative work.
I’m at my creative best early in the morning. Matter of fact, I’m writing this article in the morning as well.

Because my department is a 15 minute walk from my hostel accommodation, I leave the hall around 7:30am and walk down to class with my friend(s).

• • •
Lectures begin…

And there you have it: my morning routine!

This routine is not constant. Life happens, things happen and it changes. Sometimes, I dress up before cooking breakfast, some other times, I go back to sleep immediately I dress up. But 80% of the time, this is the way I do my things once I wake up at 5am.

The good thing is, I’m able to eat breakfast, dress well (and even iron my dresses), do creative work or study and attend classes early.

If you find it hard to wake up early and you’re curious to know how I moved from waking at 7am to waking at 5am, then let me know in the comments, I’ll be glad to dedicate an article to that cause.

So, what’s your morning routine like?
Do you have a morning routine?
Let me know…
Drop an amazing comment and let’s get talking.

If you find this useful and a tad bit inspiring, please do well to share. It always means a lot to me.

Thank you for reading 🧡

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  1. This is laudable. More grace dear.

  2. Beautiful! You’ve always inspired me with your consistency in living a productive life.

    1. Awwn… Deborah, thank you so much. You’re an inspiration too. Your consistency is just everything. Keep up🧡

  3. This is so me….. Thanks for the inspiration tho.

    1. Awwwn! I’m happy you can relate. My job is done. Thank you for reading🧡

  4. How did you get yourself to standing up from the bed once you awake.

    1. It’s discipline o. Just discipline. Plus, I have this drive. There’s something that just gets me up from bed once the alarm goes off. Over time, it has become an habit that I can’t break anymore. But to be honest, it is not easy o😂

  5. Thanks for sharing.. It’s really helpful.

    1. You welcome. Thank you for reading too. Stop by this weekend for more content.

  6. Great read Oreoluwa!

    I have just one question oh. How do I wake up by 5am😴. My body just refuses to stand up.

    1. I know right?😩
      It didn’t happen in a day. It took consistent effort and determination. Plus, like I said in the article, I watched a lot of 5am morning routine videos on YouTube and it got to a point when I felt I needed to introduce that into my own life.
      I also had an inner drive and motivation. I wanted a longer day to afford me the opportunity to work on my passion project, eat breakfast, study/revise and go to classes early.
      All those things are what wake me up by 5am.

  7. With your influence, I’ve started putting my day into a list out too. But following no too dy easy. Keep up the great work tho.

    1. Awwwn!
      I agree. It’s not easy to cross every thing on a to-do list. Just try to make realistic and achievable plans. You’ll be fine.

  8. In our term,,,,,,,madt! Go girl….

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