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MOTIVATION |In between goals is a thing called life that has to be lived and enjoyed.

Prior to every resumption date, I always take some time to write down what my goals, objectives and resolutions for the new semester/session would be.

I like to do this in order to keep myself in check and have something to fall back on when the ‘going’ gets tough or when distraction sets in.
This has really worked well for me.

But this time around, I’ll be sharing this piece of me with you.

I’m excited, nervous and totally emotional at the moment because I’m stepping into my last session in school. I’m grateful for all the ‘wins’ and all the lessons the ‘losses’ have taught me. I’m a work-in-progress.

I’m hoping by reading this, you’ll be inspired to create your own resolutions and live your best student life or so.

Here we go:
• Healthy living
• Self-investment
• Self-care
• Productivity
• Balance

In recent years, my interest in ‘healthy living/lifestyle’ has blossomed. Following YouTube channels especially on healthy eating has been my inspiration.

Although I tend to slack off sometimes and give excuses like, ‘I’m busy, I have exams to prep for, I don’t have time…etc’, I’m determined this session around to try my best ‘best’ possible in order to eat and live healthy.

This means introducing more fruits and veggies into my diet, drinking more water, cutting down on junks (especially Pepsi), eating out less often, meal prepping and creating time to actually cook.

This also implies letting go of every ‘negativity’, comparison, competition and every unnecessary worry. It means feeding my mind with the Word of God and inspirational content.

I also plan to dive a little dip into skin care and give my oily skin the care and pamper it needs, in the most natural way possible.

I have a budding interest in media, blogging, photography, cinematography and videography.


There’s a lot to learn. So… I made up my mind to attend workshops and events or programs in a bid to learn, meet people and connect.

I already registered for a TEDX Invasion in my school on ‘digital marketing’ and a media workshop where I get to learn the ins and outs of media.

I also plan to use goggle and YouTube productively to learn and hone some good skill such as how to design graphics with coreldraw, how to edit professionally with adobe photoshop and lightroom.
I also want to create my own presets for Instagram as well.

I’m also planning to create a special savings account just to save off little change (I’m bad at saving and this is my attempt to hone that skill/habit).

I also plan to read enough books in my field and increase my knowledge scope. I don’t think this is too much to handle.

I’m big on self-care and I consider it very important despite my busy student schedule. I always try to donate at least thirty minutes to an hour doing the things I love and the things that make me happy.

I will just try to be more intentional about it this session and always create time for it. No excuses!

Plus, my friend was suggesting we go on early morning runs thrice a week, I think I might give it a shot.

I also like to visit recreational places and try out different dishes in good restaurants.

Last semester was a hell of a semester for me. My CGPA dropped off a bit and I know I have to work harder this time around to reclaim my lost points.

This definitely implies good time management, cutting down on distractions and being intentional about everything.

I don’t want to just be ‘busy’, I want to be productive. Whether it’s school work or my passion project, I want to be more productive, efficient and effective.

I really want to avoid comparison and unhealthy competition. The only person I want to compete with is me last session vs me this session.

Finally, this is the underlying theme of all my resolutions.

I want to create a balance; manage my blog and passion project, stay consistent and on top of my school work.

Above all things, I want to put God first. He is the creative director of my life and I want to take my fellowship with him and other Christians seriously too.

I want to live and have healthy fun. I want to create time for the things that matter. I want to be happy, full of life and wholesome.

There you have it. Thanks for reading. I hope you’re inspired and pumped for whatever it is to come.

Whether you’re about to resume the session just like me or you’re already in session, I’m hoping these article made some sense.

I’m curious to know what your resolutions for school, life or work are.
Please leave a comment.

Thank you for reading🧡

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  1. Good one.

    I really like the part where you distinguished being ‘busy’ from being ‘productive’. It is really easy to mix the two up these days.
    Thank you for the reminder!

    1. Thank you too, AYO🧡
      A lot of people need to be reminded of the difference…even sometimes, I still confuse the two together.

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