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It’s that time of the year again, the most anticipated of its kind. The holiday season is here and
amazing black Friday deals are around the corner.
Companies are slashing down prices and cutting costs. Things will be cheaper than ever and trust me, you’ll be tempted to purchase all you ever wanted and even travel to your dream destination for fun, relaxation or even for a getaway.

However, before you jump in craze and excitement and purchase all the cheap things you eventually wouldn’t be needing and so you don’t run financially dry before Christmas day, I’ll be sharing with you 4 ultimate tips to survive black Friday and make the most, the best out of it.

You might want to grab a drink while you read away.

Here we go:
• plan and prioritize
• follow on socials
• Download the app
• Get up early

As cliche as this might sound, the benefits of planning cannot be over emphasized.
It is always good to plan way ahead of the black Friday season so that you can think through what you really need vs what you just want.
Planning ahead will save you from a lot of impulse purchases.

You can even save more prior to the black Friday season so that you can shop to your heart’s content.
However, I advice you set up a budget so you don’t over shoot yourself.
If you plan to travel during this season as well, more time should even be put into planning. You might want to consider flight deals, hotel reservations etc.
However, instead of spending hours planning, it is interesting to note that with Travelstart, you can book cheap flights, incredible hotel reservations and even car rents in one sitting. The advantage of this is that you spend less time planning your travels and more time enjoying your holiday whilst saving time, money and stress.

Social media is a powerful tool and a lot of businesses, including Travelstart, are leveraging it. You can search for their handles on Twitter, Facebook and even Instagram and get access to first hand information about amazing deals and exclusive offers.

I even advice you sign up for the newsletter on the Travelstart website. Lots of freebies await you.
It is even amazing to know that once you sign up for the newsletter, you get vouchers worth #12,000 naira. What’s more? You stay up-to-date with amazing offers you can’t get anywhere else.

You can go the extra mile and download the travelstart FLAPP app for free from App Store or Google Play Store and get access to exclusive discounts that you might not find anywhere else.

Within the app, you can search for domestic and international flights, compare flights and find the best price, secure payment options, view your e-ticket and check-in online and on top of all that, you can change, forward or even cancel your bookings.

It is said that the early bird catches the worm so you might want to wake up as early as 12am Midnight to start booking your cheap flights.

You shouldn’t forget that there at other people like you looking to get the best offers so you don’t even want to delay a bit, trust me.

By now, I believe you’re well equipped with all you need to know before the black Friday season kicks start. You should mark your calendar. The Travelstart black Friday begins on the 25th of November, 2019 and ends on the 2nd of December, 2019. Travelstart is Africa’s leading online travel agency and it is tested, tried and trusted.

With Travelstart, you can book cheap flights to USA, UK, Dubai, South Africa, Canada and lots more whilst saving up to 20-60%. It’s your one-stop online travel shop. With Travelstart, there is always something for your budget.

Happy holiday!!!

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